Rustic Mexican Farm Wedding in San Jose del Cabo

Malory and Peet wanted their Los Cabos wedding to have old-world charm, some true Mexican culture, and an experience that their guests could only get in Los Cabos. After a lot of scouting, we chose a restaurant called Huerta Los Tamarindos for the wedding venue. This Organic, farm to table restaurant had just the rustic sense of old Mexico we were looking for.


The couple chose to have the ceremony and cocktail hour in a brick courtyard on the lower level of the property, where they walked down the aisle to string trio, Los Mosquitos and exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony with the rolling hills of San Jose del Cabo, and the Los Tamarindos Farm as their backdrop.

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One of the most fun surprises of the night was the Mariachi, who marched in from the back of the ceremony as soon as the couple was announced as ‘Husband and Wife’. The Mariachi was such a hit, that guests were reluctant to head up to the restaurant terrace for the reception, and urged one last song by chanting, “U-no Mas!”.

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When we finally lured the guests to the reception area, they were greeted by long, family style dining tables adorned with candles and colorful flowers by Cabo Flowers.

IMG_9014  m%2Bp_wed_0091_web-3228968147-O

We incorporated traditional papel picado into the event design, and gave maracas as favors, keeping in line with the quest for Mexican flare.

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Many guests complimented the dinner as being unlike any they had experienced at a wedding before. The dishes came out family-style on painted Mexican platters, and were nothing short of works of art, thanks to owner and executive chef Enrique Silva.

The dinner was extraordinary, but that didn’t keep guests from joining the newlyweds on the dance floor for hours of dancing and music, provided my DJ Alex Alanis. Guests also enjoyed a custom s’mores station next to a lovely iron fire pit.


Finally, the guest book table was adorned with beautifully framed photos honoring lost loved ones.


This wedding was a joy to design and coordinate because the bride and groom were so welcoming of Mexican culture and tradition, which isn’t always the case with destination weddings. I’m looking forward to designing future events with the same rustic charm.

Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos 

Event design and coordination: Bonnie Chase of Bliss Events Los Cabos, Photos: Anna Gomes, Flowers: Cabo  Flowers and Cakes, Entertainment: DJ Alex, Venue: Los Tamarindos Organic Farm and Restaurant, Ceremony Music: Trio Los Mosquitos.

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10 Tips about Getting Married in Los Cabos

           Thousands of couples tie the knot every year in Los Cabos, which is fast becoming one of the world’s most desirable destination wedding locations. Cabo offers beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, grand resorts, breath-taking sunsets, world-class cuisine, and is much easier to get to from the US and Canada than many other destinations. While the obvious advantages of a Cabo wedding have many couples interested, the idea of planning a wedding in another country can be a little overwhelming. Not to worry, help is on the way! We asked a dozen newlywed couples to share their advice for planning a Los Cabos wedding and this is what they had to say:

Set a Budget                                            

                It’s easy to get carried away with check-writing and end up spending far more on your wedding than you intended. Starting your new marriage in financial turmoil is not the most ideal gift you can give yourself. Instead, set a budget first and work backward from there. Each time you confirm a new vendor or service, add it into your budget so you can track your spending and stay on track. It’s also recommended to account for unexpected expenses, which have a way of turning up at weddings. One of the many wonderful things about getting married in Cabo is that no matter how simple the wedding, it will always be beautiful. Don’t break the bank – set your budget and stick with it!

Get Help

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but planning a wedding across international borders is even harder. You’re going to need someone who knows the ropes, who can make calls on your behalf, negotiate rates, suggest creative ideas, and help you avoid unnecessary hurdles. In almost every case, your wedding planner will save you far more than he or she will charge for planning services. Your planner’s top priority is to keep you under your budget and that should be the first thing you discuss together. You’re probably going to spend six months to a year exchanging phone calls and emails with your planner, so it’s a good idea to choose someone you like and with whom you feel comfortable. Your planner will help you with every step of the process, so make finding a planner the first thing you do.

Plan Ahead

Planning a wedding takes time. The earlier you start planning, the more options you’ll have. In a destination as sought-after as Cabo, locations and vendors get booked early. You’re going to want to choose vendors based on who you like, and not who’s left over. You also have to think about your guests. Etiquette says you should give guests at least 6 months notice for a destination wedding, and you’ll need at least that much time for planning. Your engagement can be a lot of fun – or a lot of stress. Giving yourself ample time to plan will help you steer clear of the latter.

Be Patient

Most things in Cabo don’t operate at the same fast-paced tempo as in the US or Canada. It’s not uncommon for email responses to take days instead of hours. Save yourself the frustration, and just prepare yourself to be patient. Staring at the ticking hands of the clock will only add anxiety to your planning experience. Also, don’t mistake the laid-back pace of vendors for incompetence. The experienced wedding professionals in Los Cabos provide wedding services to thousands of happy couples a year collectively, and they will not disappoint you.


Just like everywhere, wedding services are negotiable. Sometimes vendors will offer a discount if they’ve already had a cancellation on your date. Some vendors will offer a discount if you have your wedding on a non-Saturday or if your wedding is during the low season. Your vendors and service providers may not always be willing or able to lower their prices, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Ask Questions

                Policies, procedures, systems, laws, and just about everything else is going to be different in Cabo than where you’re from. Don’t assume that things will be what you expect. Ask as many questions as you can so there aren’t any surprises later. Be sure to ask about anything that isn’t clear, especially when it comes to contracts for your hotel, venue, and vendors. Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your life, so don’t take any chances with guessing.

Take Care of Your Guests

Your loved ones are going to a lot of effort to celebrate this important day with you. Show them how much you appreciate them by planning a fun event like a welcome party or a rehearsal dinner in the days surrounding the wedding. A dinner cruise or sunset cruise is a great way to show your guests the famed Arch of Cabo while sailing around the bay. If budget is a concern, avoid expensive outings. You can host something as simple as a beach or pool day.

You’re also going to want to make things as easy as possible for your guests, but you won’t have time to be a personal concierge. Setting up a wedding website is a great way to offer guests a one-stop resource for making arrangements. You can include links for booking hotels, airport shuttles, activities, and more. You can answer important questions and offer suggestions for fun things to do in Cabo. Many couples provide their guests with welcome bags when they arrive at the host hotel. Fill them with snacks, water, a map of the area, a local magazine like DESTINO, sun block, or anything else they might make use of during their trip.

Know the Laws

                It’s important to understand the requirements for getting married in a foreign country. Here in Cabo, to have a legal wedding ceremony it must be performed by a Spanish-speaking judge with an English translator, and the vows – which are provided by the state – cannot be changed. You’re also required to provide your passport, driver’s license, lab test results (which you will have done here in Cabo the week of the wedding). Most destination couples prefer to get legally married at the courthouse in the US or Canada before coming to Cabo for the wedding. This way you can skip all the legal requirements of a Mexican wedding, and exercise some creative liberties like having a loved one officiate your wedding.

Dress Accordingly

                Most months of the year Cabo is warm, and sometimes humid. It’s important to keep that in mind when shopping for a dress. If you’re having a summer wedding, you should probably skip the big puffy ball gown and choose something a little lighter. Cabo can be a beachy and somewhat casual atmosphere; many grooms leave the suit jackets at home and get married in linen pants and a simple button-down. Your groomsmen will thank you for not making them sweat through your big day in a full suit or a tuxedo. Keep the sandy ceremony site in mind when shoe-shopping, too. Stilettos have no business on the beach. Flip flops or bare feet are certainly acceptable, but if tall shoes are a must, go with wedges.

                The Cabo climate will also affect your hair. If it’s a particularly windy or humid day, an up-do will hold up much longer than wearing your hair down. Long tendrils are beautiful, but after a couple of hours in the heat and humidity, they tend to turn into a stringy, tangled mess. On a really breezy day, you might even want to forego the veil, which can blow into your face throughout the ceremony.

Take Care of Yourself

                Hydrate! Not only is Cabo probably warmer and more humid than your home city, but the margaritas are likely to be flowing during the days leading up to your wedding. Combined with some potential late nights out, these factors can take a toll on you that no amount of cover-up can hide. Unless you want to look and feel like a zombie at your wedding, take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water, enjoy a salad or two, and get full nights of sleep leading up to your big day.

This article was featured in the April 2014 edition of Destino Magazine:

Destino Cover

Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos


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Marissa and Alex Tie the Knot at Cabo Azul in San Jose Del Cabo

Marissa and Alex were a fun and beautiful couple to work with! These two recently tied the knot at San Jose’s Cabo Azul resort – in our opinion, one of the most beautiful properties in Los Cabos. The two had their ceremony in the chapel of Cabo Azul, which is one of the few chapels in Los Cabos, and is nothing short of breathtaking.


(Alec and T Photography)

They then moved to Javier’s restaurant, also on the Cabo Azul property, for a beach-front cocktail hour and reception. The food and service at Javier’s are fantastic, and the atmosphere is perfect for weddings and special events. With sweeping ocean views, gas torches, grandiose ornately carved pillars, and soft, romantic lighting, it is an ideal venue for giving your loved ones a memorable experience.


We just loved the soft color pallet chosen by Marissa and Alex. Champagne linens provided the perfect backdrop to ivory lace, pale aqua blue, and the bursts of coral petals which were sprinkled about.

Our favorite things about this wedding, however, were the many details and personal touches. Marissa kept every card she has ever received from Alex and crafted a charming book as a gift to her new husband.

IMG_7918 - Copy

They also used old-fashioned keys for their escort cards, wood block monograms in their wedding colors, and had a custom cake topper made to look like caricatures of themselves, which was a BIG hit with the guests.  

IMG_7917 IMG_7919

And if that wasn’t enough to make guests glad to be there, the couple offered their friends and family a sweet treat before sending them off to bed – churros smothered with chocolate and caramel sauce. Yum!


A big congratulation to Marissa and Alex! Thank you so much for making us a part of such a special day!


Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos,


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Awesome New Services in Los Cabos

As a service provider and a Cabo local, we like to share exciting new services that are worth talking about. These next two diamonds in the rough are two cool new services that can really improve your Cabo experience:


This hidden gem is one you’ll be glad you know about. Dial-a-Drink is a 24 hour liquor delivery service in Los Cabos. They deliver liquor, mixers, beer, wine, water, ice, cigarettes, and any other bar supplies you might need right to your house or hotel. The best part is – their awesome prices include tax and delivery fees, so the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay! Skip the expensive pre-stocking services that charge an arm and a leg call Dial-a-Drink instead. You can pre-order so that your favorite vacation beverages are waiting for you when you arrive, or call when you get to town.

Easy Cell Rental

Another creative new service to hit the market it Easy Cell Rental. This service is especially beneficial for wedding parties and groups because it makes staying in touch with your friends and family a breeze. These vacation innovators rent local Los Cabos cell phones to tourists. Not only can you use the phone to call a restaurant, a cab, your hotel, and the other people in your party, but you can use it to call the US and Canada at no additional charge. Forget about international roaming fees and use an Easy Cell Rental instead.

As if that isn’t enough, Easy Cell Rental made their Los Cabos debut on an episode of House Hunters International! Check it out on HGTV.

Anyone else know of a great new Los Cabos service? Do tell!


Love, Bonnie

Bliss Events Los Cabos

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Six Ways to Personalize Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are always a hit, but being that they typically involve flying over state lines and international borders, personalizing your destination wedding can be trickier than personalizing a wedding in your home town. But don’t let that keep you from flying south for your wedding. We’ve got a list of creative ways to put a personal spin on your big day, most of which can fit in your carryon luggage!

Pictures!  – What’s more personal than a photograph? Print photos and hang them from a decorative photo display, use a photo album as a guest book, or create a slide show and let it play on a loop throughout your reception. Include your guests by sharing pictures of them, too!  


Remember lost loved ones with flowers – Honor the loved ones you’ve lost with your bridal bouquet. Have your florist design your bouquet to look just like your mother’s did. Or, skip the ribbon, and wrap your flowers in a bit of lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress. Have an heirloom ring or necklace? It can be woven into your bouquet, too. 

lace bouquet

Custom Aisle Runners – This new trend in weddings has gone international because custom aisle manufacturers are now shipping world-wide. Have your aisle monogrammed, striped, painted, or printed with your favorite quote or poem, and have it shipped to your destination wedding venue.                                                   Try   

Custom Cake Toppers – There’s nothing generic about a cake topper that’s custom made to look just like you! These little statues are creative, funny, personal, and small enough to travel with. One of our recent brides ordered hers from

Snacks – Plan your late night snack to fit your personality. Love pizza? Serve mini pizzas. Or pick something that matches your heritage. One of our recent grooms from Mexico City chose churros and Mexican coffee for the late night snack at his reception.  


Mix it up for entertainment – Skip the traditional strings and jazz for dinner music, and pick music that’s more you’re style. We especially liked the Frank Sinatra look-alike who serenaded guests for cocktail hour. Or take a tip from one of our most creative couples who booked a comedian to roast the new Mr. and Mrs. during dinner.

Whatever you choose, remember that having your wedding abroad (we like Los Cabos, Mexico, but we could be biased!) doesn’t have to mean leaving your personal touch behind. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and your personality and style should reflect.

Love, Bonnie

Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos                           

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Burlap & Lace

There’s a new couple on the sceneLace_Burlap_Collage and they’re getting all kinds of attention; burlap and lace! The pair has been seen canoodling at restaurants, in home and office décor, nurseries and so much more. But our favorite place to find this shabby-chic duo is at weddings, of course! And why not? They’re lovely, they mix well with other trendy and classic elements, and they’re inexpensive and accessible.

This season, we’ve seen burlap and lace combined in upscale, classic event designs featuring pearls and crystals, as well as simple, charming, and rustic down-home designs.

Combining burlap and lace can take the hoity-toity edge off, and make guests feel comfortable. The charming and inviting combination has been showing up as napkin rings, candle embellishments, chair ties, bouquet wraps, table runners, and even cake décor. Whether you’re planning a simple reception or a grand affair, don’t be afraid to include this lovely pair when writing your guest list! 

Love, Bonnie

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5 Reasons to Have Your Special Event or Corporate Retreat in Los Cabos


In recent years corporate events have been staying domestic. Company leaders in cold weather climates have opted for warm winter trips to places like Phoenix and Orlando. But now it’s time to dust off the ol’ passport and brush up on your Espanol, because Los Cabos, Mexico has emerged as a premier, cost effective destination for corporate and other events!

Here are our top 5 favorite reasons to pack up your laptop and head south of the border:

1. The Price

Los Cabos is an approximately 2 hour direct flight from many US cities. Depending on your departure city and dates, round-trip flights to Cabo can be found for less than $300 USD. Flying to Mexico is no longer more expensive than flying domestic and excellent deals can be found on accommodations. The coast of southern Baja is lined with hundreds of hotels and resorts offering discounts and packages for groups. I’d like to propose a toast to my favorite Baja bargain… $2 beers on the beach!

2. The Food

Baja California used to be a place to eat street tacos 24 hours a day. Don’t get me wrong – you can still do that. But if you’re in the mood for a steak and lobster, pasta, sushi, and especially gourmet Mexican cuisine, Cabo is the place. The last five years have welcomed an influx of award-winning chefs, bakers, and culinary whiz kids. Many of our favorite Cabo eateries are equipped to entertain large groups and provide other corporate services.

3. The Vacation Experience

It’s not that I don’t love Phoenix; I do. But corporate events in places like Arizona don’t exactly scream, “Relax, rest, rejuvenate, and drink a margarita!” One of the many purposes of a company retreats is to re-energize the team, and how better than with a real vacation experience? Blue skies, sweeping beaches, and the famed Arch of Cabo provide the perfect backdrop for a truly rewarding experience. Employees will return to work refreshed, clear-headed, bursting with creativity, and with a killer tan to boot!

4. Activities

Cabo is host to many activities perfectly suited for corporate trips and other groups. The area boasts premier golf courses, surfing, sailing, diving, snorkeling, tequila tasting, cooking classes, sweeping organic farms, architectural and historic tours, and some of the best fishing in the world! You can visit one of the many spas or spend your day shopping in the art galleries and bartering with the beach vendors.  And if after all that you’re still looking for more to do, Todos Santos and La Paz are just a short drive up the coast. These lovely towns offer travelers even more options for restaurants, accommodations, art, and entertainment.

5. The Forecast

Perhaps the most desirable thing about planning your corporate trip to Cabo is the predictably beautiful weather. The sun shines here more than 10 months out of the year with a short rainy season in parts of August and September. While many Americans and Canadians are digging their way through snow and ice, Cabo visitors and locals are digging their feet into the sand on a warm day! Leave the overcoats at home and spend your next company retreat or other event in your flip flops… We’ll keep some cervezas on ice for you.


Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos

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