Planning a wedding in Cabo- Why it is a great choice

Getting married in Cabo……you cannot go wrong!

Los Cabos is an amazing place to get married. We find that the couple and the guests leave here with so many wonderful memories and are itching to come back.

When couples first think…..why not Cabo?  We get so many calls of couples that have recently gotten engaged ask us “how much does a wedding cost?”  I am always blown away by that question as there is just no way I can aswer it with a single number or word.  Cabo has so many options for weddings allowing couples no matter their budget, to have a wedding of their dreams.  Although we do find that people are fooled in to thinking that this is Mexico so it will be cheap, yet is just not the case.  Cabo is based on tourism, has a large ex patriot community, large english speaking community and most businesses make their money of you, the tourist.  So, prices reflect that.  That is where wedding planners come in. We know all the providers/vendors and can help you choose the options that are best suited for your needs.

We truly have so many wedding providers that are well known and highly respected.  Unless you really want a certain friend or vendor from back home to be a part of your big day, just remember, we have everything you need right here in Los Cabos to make it perfect. From photographers, bands, DJs, Salsa dancers, fireworks, bakers, planners, etc… can make it all happen with local vendors.  They are trustworthy, do a great job and are very dependable. We promise you.

There is definitely a common theme for those wanting to get married here. 1.  It is a beach destination and the couple want to get married with sand under their feet. 2.  It is close to the US and the flights are not long.  3.  The beaches & resorts are beautiful.  4.  Los Cabos offers endless activities for their guests such as diving, snorkeling, boat cruises, swimming with dolphins, ATV’s, golf, Zip lining, horse back riding, city tours, etc.  5. The couple is laid back and a destination wedding seems more fitting for them. 6.  They love Mexico and know it is a great place to host a wedding.  Honestly, we know from the get go that couples whom are willing to have a destination wedding are more laid back……so we have fun working with them on their dream day. 

So, if you are looking for a beautiful place to get married, love Mexico, want tons of things to do for your guests, Cabo is your place. We promise you will not regret it.  Happy planning!



About Bliss Events Los Cabos

A full service event coordination and design company in Los Cabos, Mexico.
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