Tracy & Leo´s Wedding August 2010 @ Zoetry Casa Del Mar…When weddings turn in to one heck of a party!

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As a wedding planner, I love when a couple comes along that is so laid back but still wants to kick everything up a notch.  Enter Tracy & Leo in to my life. I was introduced to them by a dear friend of mine and am so thankful for the introduction as it was one of my favorite weddings of all time.  When I say that the normal response is why so?  Their wedding day consisted of everything. Traditions, family photos, pre cocktails, beach ceremony, beautiful cocktail hour and then………the evening took a turn.  Is was almost like somone had their hand on the “fun” switch and said, up…up….up….up….almost there!

Zoetry Casa Del Mar is such a beautiful resort to host a wedding. It has everything you could want with stunning decor, a beautiful view with a large beach, a very hacienda feel to it, quaint and smaller then most resorts in town. The onsite coordinator David Ruiz did such a great job along with the rest of the staff, making our jobs much easier.

Tracy and Leo´s wedding day began by relaxing at the pool with all of 100 of their guests. Their guest list took up the entire hotel ensuring that they got to spend some quality time with their loved one´s through out the day.  The time came when they were off to got ready.  Tracy hired Suzanne Morel and team to do her and her soon to be step daughters hair. The both looked absolutely stunning!  Once they were ready, they gathered to get photographs around the resort and with thier families.  They hired local photographer Manuel Burgoin whom as always did a fabulous job.  Once the photos were finished, they met up with their guests in the bar for a pre-cocktail drink and some small talk…..then it was time to begin!

The ceremony area consisted of a beautiful custom chuppah built by Del Cabo Events and wooden benches that were decorated with different colored maracas created by Mishka Designs and tied with a tag that said “shake at the kiss”.  Evian misters and parasols were passed out to guests as they arrived to provide shading and a cold mister to cool them down on this hot August day.  The ceremony was beautiful and the happy couple kissed as the maracas were shook by all their guests and cheers were belted out. They topped it off with rose petals being tossed as they exited the ceremony.  It was perfect! 

Cocktail hour was enjoyed up on a terrace that was under shaded trees and music was played by DJ Alex.  DJ Alex always knows how to get the guests in the mood for the rest of the evening to come.    After some delicious food and fantastic speeches, the dotting bride had a big surprise for Leo.  She had a fireworks pyro show set to “Ain´t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilara.  The song was so fitting and the groom was grinning ear to ear as he kissed and hugged his new wife under the glowing sky.  All I know is that this was when the evening took a turn.  Kilometro Band started their first set and this opened up the dance floor to everyone.  Everyone was showing off their moves until a whistle was heard and a big man wearing a oversized sombrero was heard.  The crowd turned and who was there?  Our favorite tequila pourer in all of Los Cabos, Big Johnson.  He came in blowing his whistle and pouring tequila first to the bride and groom and then to all the guests. Then our staff went hard to work opening up the props chest and giving each and every guests a few things to wear for the evening. We had everythign from glow necklaces, somberos, oversized glasses, blow up guitars, boa´s, mustaches to wigs.  They were such a hit that we noticed even the serious of folk got in to the spirit and wore their items with pride! 

With all the dancing and the heat from the air it was like the pool was calling everyone´s name.  The bride was smart and brought a swim suit down to the party as she knew her guests would be going in to the pool.  Boy was she right.  I would say 100 out of 110 guests went in to the pool including the Bliss staff and Manuel the photographer.  It became a game of who wasn´t in the pool yet and whom needed to be.  Unless you left the party, you were going in!

It was almost time to cut the cake when the pool soaked bride and groom looked at me and said… is so hot out, the cake topper is falling off the cake and it is melting.  They basically said right then and then screw it, did a quick cutting of the cake and then all of a sudden they were both biting the cake. Next thing we know, it is a cake throwing contest!  Guests got invovled and loved every minute of it .   Luckily our staff designed a candy and dessert bar that the guests inhaled. Deena, from Sweet Dreams bakery made some adorable cake pops that we put in to buckets and topped with brown sugar to look like sand. The guests for the most part had enver seen them and were very intrigued by the creations and loved them.

The party was winding down and guests were leaving laughing, crying so hard from laughing about stories from the evening, drenched and on a tequila high.  Oh, we knew there were going to be some tired people in the morning.  The Bliss staff had so much fun that we did not want the evening to end.  We want to thank Tracy and Leo for being so wonderful to work with and just being who they are. They are a beautiful couple that are loved by so many.  We want to thank all the vendors for helping us with the evening and for making it a perfect day for Tracy, Leo, their family and all their guests. 

Cheers to the happy couple!



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2 Responses to Tracy & Leo´s Wedding August 2010 @ Zoetry Casa Del Mar…When weddings turn in to one heck of a party!

  1. Noella says:

    Wow! you did a wonderful job, so well planned.

    • Thanks Noella. We had such a great time at that wedding. We just had of you of the wedding guests back in town for a corporate event we also organized and they were still talking about that wedding. Makes our job even more fun when the couple is laid back and wants to let loose!

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