Tips for your wedding dance floor- DJs, songs and props make a difference

Music is a very intricate part of your wedding or any event for that matter, especially when there is a dance floor involved. We find it is a big key to your guests and how good of a time they will have. When the dance floor is packed and your guests cannot get enough, you know they are having a great time!

Tips for your music and the dance floor:

1. Hire a reputable DJ that knows how to mix music and well – One of our local favorites, is  Ricardo from DJ Systems, whom we love and has been doing events in Cabo for longer then we can remember and never disappoints. Like any good DJ, his job is to read the guests, know what they like and to keep the dance floor energy up.

2. Do not try and choose every song the DJ will play- Give the DJ suggestions based on what you and majority of your guests like but also let them read the crowd and play songs that keep the dance floor going. Remember you also want to keep guests from different generations dancing so it is good to mix songs from different eras. Trust in the DJ. That is why you hired them.

3.  First dances- Guests love to watch you dance but don’t select the long version. You can typically find a shorter version of the song you want to dance too or have your DJ fade the song.

dance floor first dance

The bride and groom enjoy the dance floor!

Randy & Ryan's wedding Casa Dorada

Boa’s, sombreros, glasses….fun on the dance floor!

4.  Add props- Guest love props and what may seem “cheesy” right now will be the hit of the night come dancing time. Boa’s, wigs, glasses, maracas….so many fun things to choose from!

5.  Lighting-  Add fun robotic lights, LED lights or a lit up dance floor and dim the exterior lights. This will attract your guests to the dance floor no doubt. Happy dancing!



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