Wedding sparklers- Lighting up the party!

bridesmaids, sparklers, sparkler exitSparklers for weddings are a fun way to spice it up, make a tunnel for the bride and grooms exit, get fun photos and/or to bring some fun entertainment in to your event. Guests love to light sparklers as it reminds them of 4th of July holiday events as a kid. Whom doesn’t love fond memories of their childhood?

For weddings, we recommend using sparklers for your wedding exit or choosing a fun song that you and your guests can circle around and dance too with sparklers.  How about playing your school alma matter song and lighting up sparklers while it is playing as your fellow school mates get excited to show their school pride?

The bride and groom’s exit!

Beware of your surroundings and ensure there is nothing that can burn from the sparklers. I also recommend that someone be responsible for picking up the used sparklers immediately as they can get messy and you want to make sure they are not placed in a dangerous spot.

Dress up your display of sparklers and incorporate it with the theme of your event or come up with a catchy phrase and place tags on each sparklers. Just have fun with it. 

When choosing sparklers, you want to consider if you are going to be taking photos or not. If so, you want to use longer sparklers such as the 20″ that will burn for a good 2 minutes. I also like to recommend giving each guests 2 sparklers. It typically means you will get sparklers burning for a good 3 minutes, they fill in more space which is great for the photos.  There are so many suppliers now for buying sparklers online and at an affordable price.


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