Tips for using your US cell phone in Cabo

Using your phone while in Mexico

Imagine, you are coming to Cabo for your wedding or corporate retreat and you want to be able to get in touch with friends and family that are also flying in to be with you. Instead of having roaming charges, calling from room to room, sending emails and using data, why not have a cell phone that will not cost you a fortune.Here are suggestions for you based on my own personal experience.

~AT&T and/or Verizon – If you have either of these phone companies as your carrier, then you should opt in to the “plus Mexico” or “viva Mexico” plan before coming to Cabo. These plans are simple. For around $20-$40 USD, you add it to your existing plan and it allows you to use your US phone while in Mexico to call US numbers and/or Mexico numbers. You also don’t have to use the country codes when dialing so it is easier to make the calls.

What you can do is call your phone company before you leave for Cabo. You tell them the date you are traveling and they will have your phone automatically switched to the new plus Mexico plan. You also can tell them the date you are traveling back to the US and they will have your phone automatically set back to your regular plan. It is simple, you don’t have to remember to call them (unless you extend or shorten your vacation) and you now have a working cell phone in a foreign country. Even better, they prorate the plan based on the days you actually used it so you don’t have to pay for the Mexico plan for the entire month just while you are on vacation. Easy as that!

Here is a compiled list of how to dial numbers as well when traveling in Mexico if you don’t add the plan.

So next time you are coming to Cabo, take advantage of these great plans and don’t get frustrated with how to stay in touched with loved ones.



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