Burlap & Lace

There’s a new couple on the sceneLace_Burlap_Collage and they’re getting all kinds of attention; burlap and lace! The pair has been seen canoodling at restaurants, in home and office décor, nurseries and so much more. But our favorite place to find this shabby-chic duo is at weddings, of course! And why not? They’re lovely, they mix well with other trendy and classic elements, and they’re inexpensive and accessible.

This season, we’ve seen burlap and lace combined in upscale, classic event designs featuring pearls and crystals, as well as simple, charming, and rustic down-home designs.

Combining burlap and lace can take the hoity-toity edge off, and make guests feel comfortable. The charming and inviting combination has been showing up as napkin rings, candle embellishments, chair ties, bouquet wraps, table runners, and even cake décor. Whether you’re planning a simple reception or a grand affair, don’t be afraid to include this lovely pair when writing your guest list! 

Love, Bonnie

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