Six Ways to Personalize Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are always a hit, but being that they typically involve flying over state lines and international borders, personalizing your destination wedding can be trickier than personalizing a wedding in your home town. But don’t let that keep you from flying south for your wedding. We’ve got a list of creative ways to put a personal spin on your big day, most of which can fit in your carryon luggage!

Pictures!  – What’s more personal than a photograph? Print photos and hang them from a decorative photo display, use a photo album as a guest book, or create a slide show and let it play on a loop throughout your reception. Include your guests by sharing pictures of them, too!  


Remember lost loved ones with flowers – Honor the loved ones you’ve lost with your bridal bouquet. Have your florist design your bouquet to look just like your mother’s did. Or, skip the ribbon, and wrap your flowers in a bit of lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress. Have an heirloom ring or necklace? It can be woven into your bouquet, too. 

lace bouquet

Custom Aisle Runners – This new trend in weddings has gone international because custom aisle manufacturers are now shipping world-wide. Have your aisle monogrammed, striped, painted, or printed with your favorite quote or poem, and have it shipped to your destination wedding venue.                                                   Try   

Custom Cake Toppers – There’s nothing generic about a cake topper that’s custom made to look just like you! These little statues are creative, funny, personal, and small enough to travel with. One of our recent brides ordered hers from

Snacks – Plan your late night snack to fit your personality. Love pizza? Serve mini pizzas. Or pick something that matches your heritage. One of our recent grooms from Mexico City chose churros and Mexican coffee for the late night snack at his reception.  


Mix it up for entertainment – Skip the traditional strings and jazz for dinner music, and pick music that’s more you’re style. We especially liked the Frank Sinatra look-alike who serenaded guests for cocktail hour. Or take a tip from one of our most creative couples who booked a comedian to roast the new Mr. and Mrs. during dinner.

Whatever you choose, remember that having your wedding abroad (we like Los Cabos, Mexico, but we could be biased!) doesn’t have to mean leaving your personal touch behind. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and your personality and style should reflect.

Love, Bonnie

Bonnie Chase, Bliss Events Los Cabos                           


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