Awesome New Services in Los Cabos

As a service provider and a Cabo local, we like to share exciting new services that are worth talking about. These next two diamonds in the rough are two cool new services that can really improve your Cabo experience:


This hidden gem is one you’ll be glad you know about. Dial-a-Drink is a 24 hour liquor delivery service in Los Cabos. They deliver liquor, mixers, beer, wine, water, ice, cigarettes, and any other bar supplies you might need right to your house or hotel. The best part is – their awesome prices include tax and delivery fees, so the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay! Skip the expensive pre-stocking services that charge an arm and a leg call Dial-a-Drink instead. You can pre-order so that your favorite vacation beverages are waiting for you when you arrive, or call when you get to town.

Easy Cell Rental

Another creative new service to hit the market it Easy Cell Rental. This service is especially beneficial for wedding parties and groups because it makes staying in touch with your friends and family a breeze. These vacation innovators rent local Los Cabos cell phones to tourists. Not only can you use the phone to call a restaurant, a cab, your hotel, and the other people in your party, but you can use it to call the US and Canada at no additional charge. Forget about international roaming fees and use an Easy Cell Rental instead.

As if that isn’t enough, Easy Cell Rental made their Los Cabos debut on an episode of House Hunters International! Check it out on HGTV.

Anyone else know of a great new Los Cabos service? Do tell!


Love, Bonnie

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