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Six Ways to Personalize Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are always a hit, but being that they typically involve flying over state lines and international borders, personalizing your destination wedding can be trickier than personalizing a wedding in your home town. But don’t let that keep you … Continue reading

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Evian Misters- Keep guests cool during your event

Having events in the summer months in Los Cabos can make one break a sweat. No fear…..Evian misters are here! This is a very inexpensive way to add the touch of helping your guests stay cool. Keep them on ice … Continue reading

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Wedding Hangover Kits- A gift your guests will thank you for!

I have been making hangover kits for clients over the years and they hands down are one of my favorite little “extra’s” that the guests receive at the end of the party. The great thing about the kits, is that … Continue reading

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Wedding cake- When couples have fun with their cake

Destination weddings are not traditional in more ways then one. I personally see that wedding cakes are becoming less and less popular and more of a formality but occasionally you do get the client whom loves wedding cake and it … Continue reading

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